History of Montreal

On May 17th 1642 arrived the Montréalistes on the right shore of the small Saint-Pierre river, at the location found by Samuel de Champlain in 1611, and named the “Place Royale”. Begins then the establishment of the new colony.

In 2017, 375 years have already passed since this landmark date in the history of Montreal and the entire province. History of Montreal will be published to underline this anniversary, a unique work of prestige that marks a step in the city’s evolution, engraving it in history.

Supported by the Town Hall of Montreal, History of Montreal is the official publication of the 375th anniversary celebration of the city.

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These collector volumes will not only become a reference, but also a one of a kind corporate gift for all businesses that are proud of their belonging to Montreal and Quebec as a whole.


We wish to thank our dear collaborators for their contribution to this project.

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An original piece

This publication delivers Montreal in all of what it is : a unique city seen through every one of its multiple facets. History of Montreal in short:

  • A historical document, modernized from the original academic version;
  • A presentation of the Montreal of today, its treasures, its dynamism, and its diversity;
  • A detailed presentation of the greater Montreal’s different evolution periods;
  • A sprawl of numerous archive documents and images.

Book Overview

History of Montreal represents an exclusive edition, illustrating Montreal’s evolution in a creative and elegant manner.

Made in Montreal

The prestige piece will offer a unique Montreal and Quebec touch, from the contribution of many of the city’s craftsmen. The book will thus not only tell Montreal’s story, it will contribute in writing it.


One of a kind, History of Montreal is the official publication of the city’s 375th anniversary celebration. Be part of the select few to own one of the 1,642 limited editions of this exceptional reference work.

Every copy is sold for $ 500.

Our ambassadors program allows you to stand out by tying your name to Montreal’s history. By acquiring 10 volumes or more, you will benefit from the possibility to have your corporate message printed on to the front introduction page, and get a personalized wrapping.

Delivery scheduled for November 2016.

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History of Montreal is an extensive project that has been accomplished in partnership with the INRS and through a tight collaboration with the greatest historians of McGill University, Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Montréal and Dawson College. In this premium publication, the authors tell the stories of Montreal’s memorable moments; all while featuring the evolution of this effervescent city.

Régions du Québec et leur Histoire, a Montreal NPO, has taken upon itself to adapt the contents of selected academic cultural works published for INRS’ account as prestigious projects.

The profits generated by this premium version of History of Montreal will allow:

  • Spreading the principal publications in a digital format;
  • Pursuing the edition of the academic and abstract version of History of Montreal for students and the general public;
  • Spreading the publications in the libraries of Quebec;
  • Creating educational material, in collaboration with school boards;
  • Editing pamphlets to make Montreal known to cultural communities;
  • Spreading interesting articles for the preparation of Internet stories through Encyclobec.ca.